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As many wheelchair users in SF know, MUNI buses often deny us access. It is common for MUNI drivers to refuse to board us, or engage in passive-aggressive behaviors to deter us from using public transit.

Even worse, the ADA process at SFMTA has is extremely broken and set up to make complaints as difficult as possible.

Please note, that I am Pro-Union and I support the unionization of MUNI workers 100%.


Giving MUNI workers fair pay and benefits is not what causes these problems.

They result from a lack of training, poor oversight, over-crowded buses, and a broken ADA system within the

San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency (SFMTA).


I'm just one person among the thousands of ADA complaints made to SFMTA each and every year. I recently did some public records requests which show the devastating condition of transportation for the disabled in San Francisco:

(Click on the links below for PDFs of every ADA compliant filed against MUNI / SFMTA in the past 5 years (up to 9/2019):








SFMTA doesn't want transparency which is why they don't publish these rules on their website.  These were difficult to obtain public records.

The Official MUNI Code Section

(the Rules MUNI drivers have to follow)

The ADA Hearing Procedure rules (which they continue to make up and change on the fly)

You can use these rules to learn about your rights and what violations are happening. 

Rules 4.15.5 and 4.17.1 are particularly interesting and offer details about disabled rights to board.

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